Shazam Apk Download

Shazam Apk Download
Developer:Shazam Entertainment
Size:20.3 MB
Shazam is an application that allows you to quickly learn the name of the music that you are listening by making it too. Yes brothers, we always have to know the name of the songs that plays in a place or radio. Besides, sometimes our friends put on music and insistently don't tell us the name of it. So, you don't have to exhaust yourself and ask anybody in order to find the name of these songs. Shazam application can find the name of the music that you are looking for in seconds. You have to have an Internet connection to use the Shazam, after you start the application and press the button, you can see the name of the song after Shazam listens it. You can buy the containing album of the songs you find if there is one on Google Play and also you can learn the Youtube link for them.

You can add the songs names in a list in order not to lose them again and you can listen those songs again in Shazam. While thinking that this application brings benefits to audio and music world, I recommend every phone to have it. You can download Shazam apk file now brothers.
Shazam Apk Download
Shazam Apk Download
Shazam Apk Download
Shazam Apk Download
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