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Category:Skill Games
Size:14.2 MB
Language:English is a skill game that you can play online with players from all over the world. I am here with you with a game where big crush small and where the labor is everything. When starting the game, you chose a username and then go on the adventure. You are given a ball with a random color and of course there are lots of different people have joint online. You have to wander around the map quickly and collect small balls of the same color in order to enlarge the ball you have. You have to run away from the bigger ones while doing this of course. Because someone who is more advanced than you swallows you and some of your size is added to him, you lose and have to start from the beginning.

You can develop yourself by eating ones smaller than you after getting enlarged a bit. At the same time, you can throw some of your parts by dividing yourself at someone you can't catch. Download the apk file of this game which needs skill and an Internet connection only and which has players from all around the world now!
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