Badland Unlocked Mod Apk Download

Badland Unlocked Mod Apk Download
Size:58.5 MB
Badland is a popular game that you will advance despite obstacles in a dark forest. If you are an adventure gamer, I must say that Badland really is into this category in the first place. The game is designed differently than any other adventure games, at first you realize what it is when you first start playing. You will direct an interesting creature and you will advance this creature in the dark forest or rather you will survive. The control of the game is based on a single button, that is, as you press the screen, you are jumping like you were in the Flappy Bird game, which we know from the old days. There are mystical obstacles and moving parts on every side of the dark forest. Your creature does not die when you are stuck with obstacles or something falls into your head.

You're losing the game when you're lagging behind the game timing which is fast. In the future, Badland is driving you into an incredible adventure and you are continuing to see new actions. You will also notice that how well the laws of physics are reflected in this award-winning game as you progress through dozens of episodes. I advise you to download it immediately!
Badland Unlocked Mod Apk Download
Badland Unlocked Mod Apk Download
Badland Unlocked Mod Apk Download
Gameplay Video
Badland Mod Apk Download - (58.5 MB)
Badland OBB Download - (151.3 MB)

How to Install

1. Download Badland OBB file.
2. Copy the com.frogmind.badland folder in ZIP archive.
3. Paste it in Android/OBB/ file.
4. Install the mod apk file and play.
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