Battery Doctor Apk Download

Battery Doctor Apk Download
Developer:Cheetah Mobile
Size:6.5 MB
Battery Doctor allows you to extend your battery life by optimizing the applications on your device. Brothers, as we know, the biggest problem for people using smart phones is their battery to go flat quickly. Of course it can change according to what applications you use and for how long you use your phone. Battery Doctor app both extends your device's battery life and allows your battery to last longer. Thanks to the optimize button in the application you optimize your applications and thus you make them spend less battery power. This application which is also known as Battery Saver also gives you a lot of advice for battery life.

You can track which application spends how much charge, for how long you use applications and for how many hours you can use your phone. You can also change brightness of your screen, wifi and Bluetooth settings with this application. In short my brothers, I think all Android devices have to have this application and I definitely advise you to download Battery Doctor apk.
Battery Doctor Apk Download
Battery Doctor Apk Download
Battery Doctor Apk Download
Battery Doctor Apk Download
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