AA 1.2.8 Apk Download

AA 1.2.8 Apk Download
Developer:General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd
Category:Skill Games
Size:6.1 MB
Aa is a game that you will place the dots in the right place on a circle. Aa game is really one of the legendary games that drive people crazy. This game, even though the logic of it is very simple but it is very difficult, has been downloaded by millions of people and caused many smart phones to get broken. The game's structure always depends on the same logic but you have to complete different missions in each level. In Aa game, which has a single touch playing concept, you throw the dots on a rolling circle. You are informed how much dots you have to throw in a circle in the beginning of the chapters.

As well as positioning numbers of dots required in the circle, you also have to ensure that the dots don't touch each other. There are more than 400 chapters in the game and some levels almost take days to pass. There are difficulties like time limitation in further levels. In short, if you are looking for a game that you will play like crazy while it drives you mad, you can download Aa on your mobile device for free now.
AA 1.2.8 Apk Download
AA 1.2.8 Apk Download
AA 1.2.8 Apk Download
AA 1.2.8 Apk Download
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