Kaave Apk Download

Kaave Apk Download
Developer:Didilabs BV
Size:24.5 MB
Kaave is a popular coffee cup fortune reading application. Yes, brothers, it is an old saying that don't believe in fortune-telling, but don't sniff at it. It is very difficult to find someone to read your coffee and people who can do that always play hard. You don't have to insist on and pander to anyone's whims to get your coffee read anymore. Gloria tells your fortune and informs you through your profile. The whole thing is quite simple; you take 3 photos of your coffee including the cup and the saucer. You fill out your personal details and post your fortune. Gloria interprets it after reviewing your sauce and cup and you can see your fortune. You can post your cup fortune to Aunt Sophie or Jasmine, who are friends of Gloria's.

Of course, these friends of Gloria's read your cup by getting paid, they expand on. For this, you have to load some credits. Gloria sends your fortune in a certain time but if you are bored waiting for your fortune you can buy a Gold Membership which differentiates you from other users and your cup is read before anyone else's. If you like fortune reading, you can download the apk file of the Kaave application on your device now.
Kaave Apk Download
Kaave Apk Download
Kaave Apk Download
Kaave Apk Download
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